3D Cake Cup for Caribou 25 years • USA
3D Date Spread for Goody • Middle East
3D Ice Cream and Retouch for Habib's • Brazil
3D Vegetables for Goody • Middle East
3D Ice Cream for Habib's • Rock in Rio Edition • Brazil
3D Coffee Glass for Caribou 25 years • USA
3D Illustration for Nido Fortigrow Packaging • Dubai
CGI • Chivas Brothers' Blend
CGI • New Cadbury Monster Gems • Middle East
Adobe Creative Jam Vancouver 2017
3D to Cadbury Fuse concept and Pack • India
3D bottles to Gatorade Active 1L • Mexico
3D Illustrations to So Shape Products • France
3D Illustrations to Pudix Packaging • Finland
3D of Chocolate Bars Serenata • Greece
3D Letters to Habib's Summer Campaign • Brazil
3D | NEW Cadbury Marvellous Creations Bar • India
Nike Presto | 3D | 3
Nike Presto | 3D | 2
Nike Presto | 3D | 1
CGI of Flexon Glasses
3D bottle of Chivas Regal Extra
3D bottles of Chivas Collection to the official website
3D bottle of Chivas Regal 18
3D of Raspberry Cookie for packaging • USA
CGI for Petrobras 2016
3D bottle of Chivas Regal Ultis
3D bottle of Chivas Regal 25 • International
3D bottle of Chivas Regal The Icon • International
3D of Hanko Chocolate and Packaging • Finland
3D of Pik-one's bars • Lebanon
3D for Unica Packaging • Lebanon
Yamama Cake • Lebanon
Applications Factory • FIAP
3D splashes for packaging • Finland
3D of Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate bar
3D puddings for packaging • Finland
Neves Physiotherapist • Identity/CGI • Canada
Business Century Plaza • Brookfield • 3D Modeling
Trayenta Duo • Packing • 3D Modeling • Render • Pos
Orange Tech Identity and Packaging
3D image for Le Biscuit
Crisp Bars • Finland
Swiss Roll • Lebanon
3D Fruits for Packaging • Finland
Fuzion Concept • Illustration for Fuzion Studio
Identity for SP Legal
Caboré Award • CGI + Photo
Max Splash popsicle • Mexico • Unilever
Identity, Packaging and 3D
Grupo LC Identity
Identity for Inovittá and 3D packaging
Identity for Charger brand, packaging and 3D
Vulcão do Mar popsicle • Kibon • Unilever
Packaging Identity
Packaging Identity
Ice Cream
Flag • MG Motors
MED Nutrition Identity
Identity, Packaging and 3D for Nutramix
Identity for Benvinda Boutique
Comic Con Experience 2014 • Walt Disney Company
Identity for ISO Black Revolution pack
Tablito Chococo popsicle • Kibon • Unilever
Petrobras Promotion
Identity, Packaging and 3D for NutriPerfect A-Z
Cake Study
Destroyer • Walt Disney Company
Itaú's Characters
Petrobras Promotion
Cornetto • Argentina • Unilever
Kinder • Ferrero
Supla-Z Line
Powerflash • Design and 3D Composition
Sustagem • Mead Johnson Nutrition
Nywgraf Identity
Dulcito de Leche • Puerto Rico • Unilever
Mini • BMW
Ice Cream for Packaging • Du Pount
Mizuno • Alpargatas
Café Pilão
MG Motors
Sete Léguas Boot • Alpargatas
Identity for Promotion Packaging
Neutrocyd Assept
i9 • The Coca-Cola Company
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